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Oysters, Beau Soleil

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Oysters, Beau Soleil
Oysters, Beau Soleil

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Farmed in floating trays in Miramichi Bay, New Brunswick, in very cold northern waters. Suspended just below the surface, gently jostled by the waves, they never touch the sea floor. Half the year they grow in floating bags near the surface, enjoying as much warmth and food as the Canadian coast has to offer. The other half, they are dropped to the bottom of the bay, just a few meters down, where they ride out the winter. At this time of year, they are harvested by cutting holes in the ice (which can be as thick as five feet) with chainsaws. Such cold conditions explain why a little Beausoleil can be 4-6 years old at harvest. Brought to you by Madison Seafood.


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